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    Print Check-Copy (Non-Negotiable) after every check print


      We are implementing Std. R12.0.6 AP Check Printing.


      I've designed standard BI Publisher RTF to print the Check and Check-Copy without any issue.


      My RTF Template has Check design on first page and Check-Copy (Non-Negotiable) on second page of RTF. Std. Conc. Prog. Payment program FORMAT PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS automaticlly will be printnig the Checks after paying the Vendor, there my RTF is being used for printing through PDF.


      Issue is Both Check & Copy are by default getting printed from Tray#3. But the requirement is Check to be selected from Tray#2 and its Check-Copy should be selected from Tray#3.


      Note: output PDF is NOT considering the Print setups made in RTF.


      My question is:

      (1) How can we Print Checks from (Check Stock) Tray#2 and Checks those Copies (which are Non-Negotiable) from


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          Yuvaraj C.


          Check printing is a different scenario in Oracle, since the concurrent program is launched as a part of the payment process.


          If the concurrent program is submitted manually then we could have manipulated it by wrapping in a different program and then calling two different concurrent programs having its output from two different trays, but in check printing scenario we don't have a work around.


          By modifying the seeded code you should be able to achieve this: [Non recommended solution]

               1. Create a wrapper program [call seeded check printing program (program 1) then a custom program (program 2), program 2 will print the non negotiable document ]

               2. In the seeded code modify the concurrent program call to your wrapper program call.


          NOTE: EVERY TIME WHEN A PATCH IS APPLIED TO AP OR IBY modules, care should be take to reflect the custom change.

          Hope it helps, Thanks!


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