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    Jive Friend Requests


      I occasionaly receive some friend requests in my Task list. So far I have been ignoring such requests because I'm not fully aware of the consequences.


      According to the Jive documentation:


      You can add people as friends or connections when you want to keep up with what they're working on. When you create friends or connections (either by following them or adding them as friends), Jive will show you the things they've been doing — posting to discussions or their blog, creating documents, and so on. You can also send messages to your friends.


      I don't mind if people want to send me messages, but I don't need or want any of the rest.


      The previous forum, before the upgrade, allowed me to publish my email address in the user profile. This is no longer possible and the email address profile field is only visible to myself. I would prefer that people contact me by email rather than dealing with the Jive friendship overhead. I can manage my own privacy and deal with possible spam myself.


      So can the profile field showing the email address please set to be configurable? Thanks.

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          Hi Dude,

          the most common workaround is to enter the email address into the biography(?) field.

          Regards, Phil

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            The other things you refer to just show in the Dashboard, so it's only if you're really bothered about looking at what all your "friends" are doing that you'll see their stuff in there, just as they can see what you've been doing on their Dashboard.  If you're concerned that you'll get loads of "Communications" coming through for every post etc. your friends make then relax, that's not the case.  Communications only pop up for the threads/discussions you're following, which it typically those ones you've taken part in.  From my experience "friending" someone doesn't cause any massive overhead, it just generates things on the Dashboard.  As for friends being able to send messages... I'm not sure that's been implemented... I've certainly not come across it.


            The "friend requests" that annoy me are the ones from unnamed newbies with no posts against them... which I'm guessing are spam bots or the like and I just ignore those; or the ones from newbies who don't even frequent the same forums I do, and I've never even heard of them... they tend to get ignored or rejected.  I've only friended regulards who I'm familiar with.


            As for the optional showing of our email, I thought that was an option in our profiles.  If not, I agree it should be, for those that want to use it (I certainly won't).

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              Thanks. Putting it into the biography field is a good idea.


              However, when I try I receive the following error:


              We could not complete your request. Please check the form for details.

              The only thing in my form details are:

              Name (Required): Dude

              Email (Required): somename@somemail.com


              (Required) is shown in red. How can I fixe the Required issue?

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                I had same issue a while back. Strange enough, you first have to change your public handle name in SSO. Once you're on "Edit profile" page, click on "edit", next to your username. You're redirected to https://myprofile.oracle.com/ then you have to change the username which is used in public OTN community (somewhere down to the page), you can revert it back afterwards. Come back to your profile here and edit whatever you want.

                This is the only way I found to do this.





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                  I see that too, but I was able to update my profile with an email dummy in the biography field. Do you see some other error messages at the bottom of the page?

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                    Dude wrote:

                    .... You can also send messages to your friends.


                    I don't mind if people want to send me messages.


                    If you ever are able to send message, let me know, here below what I get...

                    Re: One more bug



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                      I think I also don't like the idea of being generally followed.


                      The email address field is shown in the profile, but I cannot figure out if this an option that could be modified or whether it is an option that has been locked by some global configuration - it's not a grayed out button, although showing text that is available as a pull-down option in other fields. But then again, common GUI wisdom does not apply here anymore.

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                        Nope, sorry that's all there is. There are not additional errors shown. Btw, I receive the same error message without entering or changing anything by simply pressing the Save button. So just a wild guess, but perhaps the form is missing Required information and hence won't update.

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                          Ok, I changed my Public Display Name to "Dude Dude". The change did not show up in my profile, so I logged off and back in again, then it did and showed "DudeDude" (without a space).


                          I then went into my Profile preferences to modify my biography, and again still received the same error.


                          Unfortunately now, when I go back to change my Public Display Name back to "Dude" and press the Confirm button, nothing happens. When I press it again (twice), it shows "This Display name is already taken…". However, when I log off and back in again, I still show up as "DudeDude" now.

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                            Well, I guess you're now doubly a dude. 

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                              I'm sorry to see you have to troubleshoot one more bug all around the SSO. This has been the way it worked for me though.

                              But next to your nickname and skull, exclamation mark is rather nice.



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                                Apparently the system does not allow me to change to a name that previously existed, even though it was associated with my user ID.


                                Well, I figured I can [removed]... Now I shows up as Dude again.


                                Interesting. I wonder if that means that we can fool user handles that way. That would be quite a not so nice bug!


                                Update: I removed how I did it - I don't want to be responsible for the shutdown of the site

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                                  Voila, after changing my username handle a couple of times it finally accpeted a change in the biography field - unless someone else (admin) corrected the problem meanwhile.


                                  I think the issue with the [removed] should be brought up to the attention of the forum admin. And perhaps it would be a good idea to change my username back to "Dude" as it used to be. Though with an ! mark..., I have to think about it.

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                                    Here is another Dude.... me too! I think I'm in the Matrix now


                                    I'm the same Dude, just using my other account to see if it is a bug - definitely a nasty bug.


                                    Update: I changed this account back to the original username. For anyone seeing this, I had two accounts under the name Dude and the difference was pretty much invisible.

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