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    MSG_ID from inbound ftp adapter



      we are receiving a flat file from remote trading partner. File name contains the message_id. when I move the file from remote trading partner ftp site to my local. I want to take the message id provided by the trading partner. I used the file name format %DOCTYPE_REVISION%_%FROM_PARTY%_%DOCTYPE_NAME%_%TIMESTAMP%_%MSG_ID%(I am receving the file with this file name format ex:1_x040_6625637_201310091313_7). I used the name format %DOCTYPE_REVISION%_%FROM_PARTY%_%DOCTYPE_NAME%_%MSG_ID% in host channel. but I am not getting the msg_id 7. I am seeing some random number in file name(ex:1_x040_6625637_0A170B0D1419EBBFF1E0000019CB4D90-1). Can anybody help me how to get the message id from remote trading partner file name?