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    How to make UCM 11g attachments open in IPM 11g doc viewer and how to add UCM attachments from BPM 11g


      I've configured my SOA server to allow UCM docs to be attached in BPM 11g Worklist.  In my Human Task, I've checked the box on the Documents tab to allow attachments to come from UCM.  So now in Worklist, I can add an attachment from UCM.  These UCM docs are a result of uploading docs in IPM.  This all works just fine.


      The first problem -- In Worklist, after having added the UCM doc, when I click the link attachment list to open it, the browser prompts me to download the TIFF file.  I want it to open in the IPM viewer.  Can that be done?  Note that when I open this same document from within UCM itself, it does open in the IPM viewer.


      Ultimately, I need to add these attachments from within the BPM composite.  So I've considered adding them as a URL that conforms to the IPM "Viewer URL Tool (ViewDocument)).  But I'm concerned that might require the user to authenticate against IPM each time a document link is clicked.  That would not be acceptable.


      The second problem -- How do you map data values into the execData on the User Task to create an attachment seen in Worklist?  To create a UCM attachment, in the execData for the User Task, I've set the attachment.uri value to ecm://docid (for example, ecm://IPM_000004), but that didn't work.  When I click the link, the browser reports "file not found", though it does invoke a link like this:





      Joe A.