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    4EA2 Subversion Branch/Tag

    Vin Steele

      I am running in an Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production environment.


      Regarding the interface to Subversion:


      I request that the Branch/Tag popup window, when called from a file within my working copy, use the full path (including the file name) in the "From" field. Currently, the path ends at the directory containing the file, and copies the whole directory into the Tag directory.  


      In SQL Developer 3.2, one can do this from within the Versions window, and Branch/Tag an individual file as part of a release. This is not currently part of 4EA2. 


      I would also like to request that this functionality be returned to the right-click menu within the Versions window.


      We have an automated process that reads the subversion directories, extracts the SQL files to be run, and then runs them in SQLPlus in the appropriate environment. We have, in the Subversion trunk, within each schema, sub-directories for each object type. Each release is implemented as a Tag, We replicate (within the Tag directory) the "object type" sub-directory structure, which contains only those objects being released.