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    Forms with checkbox


      i am creating an application for medical laboratory ,

      when i enter the data for the patient through the form , there should be multiple check boxes which represents notes like "pregnant" , "diabetic" and other notes ,

      what i am thinking of is :

      there should be about 10 columns in the table for these notes , a column named "pregnant" , "diabetic" , ........ .   ??


      - the return value should by "yes" for example .  ??


      - the second question :

      when the user wants to search for a patient , he ofcourse will search in a report because he can not search in a form ??

      when he searches in a report he should see a "check mark" to the note the patient has , for instance , the patient is pregnant so he should see the pregnant column with check mark of with "yes" word . ?


      can i create a checkbox column in a report ?


      thanks in advance