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    problem using Javascript window.open in Apex 4.2


      I'm trying to use javascript to open a new window in Apex 4.2

      When the user clicks on an Item Button, I want to open the page in a new window

      This is what I coded:


      On the button

      under "ACTION WHEN BUTTON CLICKED"  I select 'redirect to url'

      then enter this: javascript: window.open('f?p=A:P:&SESSION.');  where A is the application number and P is the page in the application

      This works.

      Click on the button and a new page opens


      the problem is that the old page; the one that I was on, disappears. It becomes a blank page with " [object] '  displayed in the upper left hand corner,  nothing else on the page


      Is there another way to do this?