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    ADDM Report is not produced if logged in user does not have SYSDBA privilege


      Hello -

      In SQLDEV 4.0 (Early Adapter), I logged in as user with no SYSDBA privilege granted. But ADVISOR granted and  execute on DBMS_ADDM granted and "select any dictionary" granted, etc.

      Then i go to the menu View --> DBA --> Performance --> Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

      Select ADDM report from the available choices.

      Out of 3 menu options: Summary, Findings and ADDM Report, I can see the first two, but I am getting a grey screen for ADDM Report.


      If i do exactly the same but login as SYSDBA, then ADDM Report can be produced and can be seen. So the issue is in the missing grants and privileges.


      The goal that we are pursuing in our shop is to empower developers to work with ADDM reports by having them login as non-SYSDBA user.


      Please advise what privilege should be granted to get this working for non-SYSDBA login


      Thank you,