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    [4.0EA2]Is there a way to simply pass through SQL commands?


      Hello out there,

      I wonder if there is a way to pass through some commands without SQL Developer trying to parse or otherwise process them.

      In 3.2 I could do something like this when connected to a MySQL database:



      delete from test where some_condition=1;



      Now I get the following error:


      SELECT command denied to user 'tsn'@'pc259.vu2k.vertriebsunion.de' for table 'all_tab_cols'


      It seems that SQL Developer tries do do some magic that does not work on non-Oracle databases.

      So is there some magic comment like /*sqldev:stmt*/ that just passes through the command without further parsing?


      The best solution would be SQL Developer supporting transactions on MySQL though...


      I know, I posted a similar question some time ago for 4EA1, but did not get an answer for that.