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    Needs to consolidate twice after updating a business rule


      Hi All,

      I created a business rule to pull an nonconsolidated entity to an consolidated entity without realizing an existing rule is doing the same thing but using the parent instead. This cause the consolidation process to do it twice.I stopped the rule, added a new nonconsolidated entity and a new rule going to the same consolidated entity. This way the history data wouldn't be impacted. I would assumed that because I stopped the first rule that causing the data to impact twice I don't have the same problem but once I tested it, it is still doing the same thing. I am using HS.ImpactStatus on the BR. Please see below:


      Old to stop the rule:  
      'case "global_chain"

           'HS.ImpactStatus "E#Global_Chain_Corp"


      New rule:

      case "global_chain_corpnc"

           HS.ImpactStatus "E#Global_Chain_Corp


      any ideas why still need to consolidated twice?