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    Endeca 3.1.2 ResultsList Cartiridge issue with Ntt params


      ATG 10.2 integration with Endeca 3.1.2 is used for the following example.

      The product listing page contains products which are rendered by the ResultsList cartridge.

      This cartridge contains the Boost and Bury editor as well as the Default Sort option.

      The users lands on product listing page by clicking on the sub category SEO links from the Global header.

      The mapping of SEO URLs to direct URLs is achieved through urlrewrite.xml and gets mapped to the following pattern

      /browse/category.jsp?categoryId=$2&amp;contentKey=$2&amp;dimVal=$3&amp;N=$3&amp;Ntt=*</to> </rule>


      The ResultsList cartridge is returning results when the converted URL contains parameter Ntt=*.

      If the URL contains the Ntt parameters then Boost and Bury as well as the Default Sort option does not work.


      We had verified from the Discover application, that the calls to the Product listing pages do not need the Ntt parameter in the URL.

      We also observed that on adding Ntt=*, endeca treats this query has a search query rather than the navigation query.

      Kindly let us know in case if anybody faced this issue and has a fix for this.