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    Need guidance


      Dear Fellow Oracle DBAs and Gurus,


      I am an OCA 9i, completed my OCA exams long time back but just due to busyness at job and life was unable to go for OCP 9i Performance Tunning exam, as I have heard that the OCP 9i has been retired now, would appreciate if anyone could guide me for further certifications to meet the market need. What should I do now if I want to go for 11g what exams I have to sit?


      Thanking you in anticipation.

      Best Regards,


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          If you did not get your 9i OCP, then it is not possible to take an upgrade exam to move to 11g.  You must complete both the Admin I and Admin II exams for 11g (1Z0-052 and 1Z0-053).  The SQL exam (presumably 1Z0-007) that you completed for the 9i OCA will apply to the 11G OCA track.  You will have to complete the hands-on training requirement to get the 11g OCP certification.

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            Thank you Matthew for replying, please tell me that is it possible to complete the OCP at this time means if I go for 1Z0-033 and complete my OCP then go for up-grade, keeping in view that I have gone through the hands-on training requirement. Thank you

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              The 1Z0-033 exam is no longer available -- it was retired on July 31, 2013.  You will never be a 9i OCP. 


              If you want to become an 11g OCP, then you must become an 11g OCA by passing 1Z0-052.  Then you must take 1Z0-053.  My understanding is that your 9i training will not be counted towards the 11g OCP.  Brandye (the forum moderator) can weigh in on that.