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    setting report parameters fails for report that runs Stored Procedure in QMR FDM 2.1.1

    Darth Proxy



      Can someone please assist us on this issue that we are having; if a solution has already available somewhere on the forum please link me to it.

      Please see our predicament;


      The script quoted below was part of a colleague’s customization to an Oracle FDM script (“AftFileImport”).


      There are no screenshots at this point as we reverted to a temporary workaround.


      More detailed description:


      We have built a custom FDM Report (“FSBValidationErrorsforAllLocations”) that accepts two parameters (CatKey, Period) and that calls an SQL Server Stored Procedure with the same two parameters. The report’s FDM SQL Statement is:


      EXECUTE FSBValidationErrorsforAllLocations ‘~Period~’, ~Cat Key~


      That works through the User Interface.


      When trying to set the two parameters by customizing the Oracle event script “AftFileImport”, the report fails. Below the part of the code in the “AftFileImport” where we attempted to fill the values:


      • objReport.mParametersClear
      • objReport.mParametersAddNew "CatKey", RES.PstrCat
      • objReport.mParametersAddNew "Period", RES.PstrPer


      We need to understand why the above way of setting parameters is not working with Stored Procedures, as this appears to be the only Oracle-documented way of setting parameters.


      Please let me know if this suffices.

      Thank you in advance.