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    button with confirm message and PL/SQL process




      I need a button with a confirmation message ("Would you really like to do this..." => OK, Cancel)

      and if the user clicks "OK" the PL/SQL Process should do an Insert.


      For the Button I defined Action: "javascript:confirmSubmit('Would you...?','RESUBMIT')"

      and in the header of the document I have:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      function confirmSubmit(msg,req){
          var confSub = msg;
          if(confSub == null){
              confSub= confirm("Would you ...?");
              confSub= confirm(msg);}
          if (confSub==true){doSubmit(req);}


      The PL/SQL Process does not work after pressing the button (I choose the right button for "When Button pressed").

      But the process works fine, if i choose no button condition.


      Why is it like that?

      And how can I make it happen?