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    How to create auomaticaly item if value insert into Masters


      Dear All


      i have create service rate card Form for transport Service and i have declare transport component into master lookup table .There is 11 component into master.

      To Difine rate for a particular transport service i have insert these component name with there rate into another table transport_rate _card.


      To do this i have created page with these 11 component name item and there 11 rate item to enter component rate  with respective services.


      Problem is if i create 11 component name text item and 11 text item to enter there conmponent rate but if user add 3 or 4 or 5 more componenet name into master then i'll be need to add extra component name text item and component rate text item.

      so i need to create form where if user add more component into master then component name item and component rate item should be increase automaticaly.


      How i can create form where item added auotmaticaly acording to component which are exist into master table.


      there is only component name into master table.


      How can i do this.