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    Popup LOV in tabular form returning error only for translated applications


      The same not answered question was posted more than year ago. I provide more detailed info and I hope for solution or workaround.

      Popup LOV in tabular form works fine in primary application language English (en). However I get following error in translated application (Slovenian (sl)) when tried to generate popup list: The requested URL /apex/wwv_flow_utilities.gen_popup_list was not found on this server. I’m pretty sure that I did all necessary translation steps. Requires synchronization attribute is NO.  Also I didn’t notice any problems with standalone PoupLOV fields. Problem arises just in tabular form. I reproduced this behavior in http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=15120. Standalone Popup LOV works fine while PopupLOV (column deptno) in tabular form crash.

      Globalization attributes are: Application Primary Language: Slovenian (sl), Application Language Derived From: Application Primary Language. My original language was English (en).

      URL with call to wwv_flow_utilities.gen_popup_list procedure is: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/wwv_flow_utilities.gen_popup_list?p_filter=&p_name=f06&p_element_index=1&p_hidden_elem_name=f05&p_elem_id=f06_0001&p_hidden_elem_id=f05_0001&p_form_index=0&p_max_elements=&p_escape_html=&p_ok_to_query=YES&p_flow_id=15120&p_page_id=1&p_session_id=12477581899388&p_eval_value=&p_return_key=YES&p_translation=NO&p_lov=&p_lov_checksum=&p_item_id=-542229766&p_column_id=30289208519476123679%2C915121

      ID of translated application is 915121. It looks like problem is in URL finish  %2C915121. Without this URL is exactly the same as with original application and works fine.


      Best regards