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    Paramerterized Interactive Reports - is there a quick solution to stop the query from executing when entering the page prior to user clicking go.



      Currently, when the user enters the page the interactive report runs (without the user hitting "go")and - indicates no data found because one of the "parameterized" fields is required and the sql is not setup for nulls.

      I'm Looking for a way to not perform a query  at all -------until the user hits go for the first time on the page - then each time they re-enter the page in the same session it would be ok to auto submit the query.


      I believe I can setup a hidden item and check on my interactive report E1 not null.  Then create a "computation" on "after submission" that would set this value to a value - say 1.

      I can seem to be able to get this to work however.


      In my interactive report - I'm wondering what "condition type" should I be using.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.