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    Subtree generation does not save its settings. Supertype-Subtype-RollUp needed.


      Hello OTN-Network,


      currenty we are investigating whether we will use Oracle SQL Data Modeler in a new data warehouse project.

      As we are working with the top-down approach, we plan to start with the Logical Model which contains super-sub-type-hierarchies.


      We tested this functionality and were able to derive from Logical Modell to a Relational Model but we are unable to use the settings described the the entity properties "Subtypes -> Subtree generation".

      We would like to do a "Supertype-Subtype-RollUp". When changing the settings they are not saved and set to the default "Do not present". In our example two subtypes have one supertype in common,

      which is definied as "Super Type" in the properties.


      Could you pls. tell me how to achieve that attributes etc. from subtypes are rolled up to one single table?


      Do not hesitate to come back in case of any queries.


      Thanks in advance