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    4EA2 "RUN" greyed out in context menu for SYS packages

    Vin Steele

      I am operating in an Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production environment.

      I am running SQL Developer release 4 Early Adopter version 2.


      In SQL Developer 3.2, while logged onto a specfic schema, It was possible in the Connections Window to expand the Other Users menu item, then the SYS menu item, then the PACKAGES menu item, and select a package, and via the right-click context menu, "Run" it. The "Run PL/SQL" window would appear, and I could enter the appropriate parameters and run a procedure from that package. I am thinking in particular of the package DBMS_ERRLOG.


      In 4EA2, while following the same path, the "Run" command, although visible, is greyed out. The 'Cntl+F10' keystroke alternative DOES work. Please restore the "Run" command to active (not greyed out) status in the right-click context menu.