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    HFM multiplies decimals * 100


      Dear all,


      I have a rather annoying issue in my production application, which started this period, after a small change to include a threshold on my total validation account.

      The issue is that my remainders, the difference between opening balance and ending balance - movement input get multiplied by 100. So, if an opco has a remainder of 0,35 cents, it appears as "35" on the total val parent.


      The weird thing is, my test application running the same metadata and rules, does not have this issue. There it rounds values on the calculated remainder C1 to a single number without decimals.


      The only difference between my test application is the setting of "Num decimals", which can be found by opening the cell with data and clicking "cell information".

      In my Testapplication this is set to "0", in my production application this is set to "2".


      Does anyone know how to get the "num decimal" setting to "0" in my production application? As this issue is making my threshold of 10 rather useless.


      Many thanks.

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          Can you check the "NumDecimalPlaces" property for Account Dimension Attributes


          Check the member attributes and see if you have 2 defined. Not pretty sure if this is what you are looking at




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            Thanos A

            Hi there,


            What is the Round rule that you have used?


            I believe that the round rule in combination with the Num decimals = 2 can produce this result. I would not suggest to change the attribute of the account without checking on the test environment but I believe that you can increase the threshold to 100.