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    Migration does not create tables


      I am very new to Oracle. I have an AWS instance setup and can connect to it with SQL Developer. I've successfully created a Migration Repository and can use the Migration Wizard to attempt to migrate from a local SQL instance (connected via JDBC driver). The migration claims to have worked successfully. However, after migration none of the tables are visible in my Oracle instance. I think there must be something obvious I'm missing, but can't seem to get past this. If I manually copy the tables (right click on the tables in the SQL connection), that works fine, but obviously does not migrate constraints, etc.


      Thanks for any tips.

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          the wizard asks you for the name of your migration project and a directory into which it places files. Have a look at that directory. It should contain a file with extension .sql and a file with the extension .out. The .sql file is the script that is applied to create the metadata in the target database, and the .out file is the log of applying the .sql file. So have a look at the .out file, it might contain the errors that are returned if a table creation has failed.


          And yes, manually copying does not migrate constraints, indexes, etc. That is working as designed and it is described in the documentation.