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    REP-52005: The specified key userlogin does not exist in the key map file.




      I am using oracle 11g report server. I am getting the error of REP-52005: The specified key userlogin does not exist in the key map file.
      I updated the user_string in cgicmd.dat file. My cgicmd.dat file content is below



      ;                                                 ;

      ; OracleAS Reports Services                       ;

      ; CGICMD.DAT                                      ;

      ;                                                 ;

      ; Example CGICMD.DAT Mapping file                 ;

      ;                                                 ;



      ; Syntax: 

      ;      KEY : VALUE

      ; Where:

      ; KEY - the first argument of the rwservlet URL request (case sensitive).

      ; VALUE - command line parameters and/or special parameters.


      ; Keys can be referenced in the following ways:


      ;    1. Parameter on command line to the reports servlet

      ;          e.g. http://machine/servlet/rwservlet?KEY


      ;    2. Parameter on command line to a reports jsp

      ;          e.g. http://machine/mydir/myreport.jsp?KEY


      ;    3. Within a reports jsp - in the rw:report custom tag

      ;          e.g. <rw:report parameters="KEY">


      ; In addition to the Reports Server command line parameters, VALUE can include special parameters

      ; represented as "%X", where X identifies the parameter. Currently recognized special

      ; parameters:


      ;  %0 - %9 - 0..9 arguments from original rwservlet URL request. Note that %0 refers to the key itself.

      ;  %* - entire contents (all arguments) of original rwservlet URL request.

      ;  %D - request users to input database userid everytime they run the report.

      ;  %P - request for report parameter form in HTML format. It generates the PARAMFORM=HTML

      ;       construction on the first submission of the URL and PARAMFORM=NO upon parameter form submission.

      ; CGICMD.DAT Usage Notes

      ;   1. Multiple keys in this file MUST be separated by an EXTRA empty line.

      ;   2. Extra spaces are ignored. Multi-line entries allowed.

      ;   3. Lines starting with ";" character are treated as a comments.

      ;   4. Comments within a key or key value are NOT allowed.

      ;   5. NLS language support is provided and can be used (encoding should match the one

      ;      used in HTML request - no language conversion of any kind is attempted.

      ;   6. For %P special parameter, HTML format is by default mapped to the HTMLTABLE format in this release.

      ;      The HTML format in the future may be mapped to the HTMLCSS format.


      ;;;;;;;;;;;; Example Key Entries

      ;  Example 1:  Run a simple breakb report and output to HTML

      orqa: report=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver



      ; Example 2: prompt for userid the first time, then use database userid stored in the cookie subsequently.

      report_defaultid: report=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver



      ; Example 3: use %D to require user authentication every time

      report_secure: report=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver1 %D



      ; Example 4:  Take all arguments from URL and send it to the reports server

      run: %*



      ; Example 5:  Run breakb report with HTML parameter form.

      breakbparam : report=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver userid=scott/tiger@mydb %P



      ; Example 6: take all URL arguments, and also generate a HTML parameter form  

      runp: %* %P



      ; Example 7: Run an Express Report. Replace <MYHOST> with the name of the machine running the Express server. The

      ; builder on-line help explains the rest of the parameters (the /sl, st etc. etc.)

      express: report=my_expr_rep express_server="server=ncacn_ip_tcp:<MYHOST>/sl=1/st=1/ct=0/sv=1/" desformat=htmlcss userid=scott/tiger@mydb destype=cache server=repserver



      ;;;;;;;;;;;; Keys for Reports Demos

      ; Using default/in-process server.

      ; JSPs

      ;charthyperlink_ias: userid="scott/tiger@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=%DBHOSTNAME%)(PORT=%DBPORT%))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=%DBSID%)))" %*



      ;charthyperlink_ids: userid=scott/tiger@ %*



      ;barcodeweb:         userid=oe



      ;parmformjsp:        userid=oe



      ;tutorial:           userid=oe



      ; Paper Reports

      ;xmldata:            userid=oe report=inventory_report.rdf destype=cache p_filelocation="http://%HOSTNAME%:%OC4JPORT%/reports/examples/xml_pds/scripts/" desformat=pdf



      ;barcodepaper:       userid=oe report=shippingmanifest.rdf destype=cache desformat=pdf



      ;distributionpaper:  userid=oe report=inventory_report_dist.rdf distribute=yes destination=exampledistribution.xml



      ;pdfenhancements:    userid=oe report=utf8test.rdf destype=cache desformat=pdf




      userlogin : userid=SYMFINBTOTEST@fin10r21 %*



      As in the above file i have added a key as userlogin at the end of the file. But the reports server does not take the key that i have given. I followed the same steps provided in oracle docs. I used "showmap" to check the cgicmd file that is used by the reports



      It shows me the content of the cgicmd.dat file and it also shows my updations. But in the "Parsed Map File Entries" it does not show my key value pair


      Parsed Map File Entries
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      Key NameValue
      runp%* %P
      breakbparamreport=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver userid=scott@mydb %P
      report_defaultidreport=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver
      report_securereport=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver %D
      expressreport=my_expr_rep express_server="server=ncacn_ip_tcp:<MYHOST>/sl=1/st=1/ct=0/sv=1/" desformat=htmlcss userid=scott@mydb destype=cache server=repserver
      orqareport=breakb.rdf destype=cache desformat=html server=repserver



      Please help me to to make the key being populated here and being used by the reports server.