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    Adding new OCFS disk to Oracle cluster on Windows



      We have 2 servers running Oracle 11gR2 Window server 2008 64 bit  RAC. Today I  add new shared disk visible from both servers. All our data placed on ASM partitions, but we need Windows volume for exchanging some data between servers & users;


      • then i have prepare disk on shared storage
      • from 1st node, run diskmfmt.msc & rescan disks when windows recognizes new hdd, initialize it.

        create an Extended partition & Logical drive & Assign drive letter. from another nodes, make sure no drive letter is assigned. Sometimes Windows automatically assign drive letter. If drive letter is assigned, right click & Change drive letter & Remove. from 1st node, format this logical drive using ocfsFormat.exe

        after execute below scripts i have face some issues



      E:\app\11.2.0\grid\cfs>ocfsformat /m P: /c 1024 /v DATA /f /d /a

      RegGetClusterName(): RegQueryValueEx for CFS_CLUSTER_NAME failed with error 203

      This indicates that the Cluster Name has not been configured on this node for OCFS

      The volume formatted in this condition will be seen by all nodes running OCFS.


      how to resolve this steps