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    Display Image from the database but prevent it from refreshing on every pages


      Hi there,


      I can see there are many discussions around this but my query is slightly different. I'm writing this on behalf of one of my developers. (sorry for my ignorance on techie stuff.. :-))


      A logo is being displayed on a few pages, which is called from the database. However, the problem is that  - this logo refreshes every time when you traverse to each page causing a performance issue or sometimes slow loading of the image.


      My question is - how do we stop it from loading on each page from the database?.  I would rather load once when the main page loads initially and then maintain this on other pages too.


      We can keep this logo on a file system (FS)  and display it via CSS/HTML/frame but since we want to keep it flexible/dynamic where a user can upload a new one whenever it changes and hence DB seems to be the suitable option (in my opinion).


      Can someone please help?


      If you need any further info around the coding how it is being done at present, pls let me know.


      Thank you