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    Difference in Account Code combination at Transaction and Accounting entry


      Hi All,


      We are working on Subledger Modifications (SLA) for a Client in order to meet few key business scenarios... Even though we were able to achieve the desired outcome through SLA, client is not pleased about the fact, there exists two different account code combinations for a transaction i.e.

      1) The account code combination that is defaulted or entered in the transaction

      2) The account code combination that is used for creating the accounting entry considering the modifications done at SLA.

      There is a difference between the above two, due to modifications carried out in SLA. 


      Since the scope of SLA is limited only to make changes at the Accounting entry level, such variations would exist, however client is not comfortable with such an approach.

      We are performing the SLA changes for three modules:  1) Cost Management 2) Accounts Receivables and 3) Accounts Payables


      If someone has worked on such similar situation in your previous assignments, perhaps you can share how the same was addressed.

      (Such as any customizations, Workarounds, irrefutable justifications etc ..)


      Thanks and Regards,