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    Setcursor in peoplesoft function is not working for a secondary page


      the is the code :

      &rCFDESC.CHARTFIELD_VALUE.SetCursorPos(@("Page." | &pCFPage));


      It wanted to point to ASSET_ACQ_DET_CF page some field but that is not a part of the component.

      Below is the error.


      (SetCursorPos page ASSET_ACQ_DET_CF not found in component. (2,210) FUNCLIB_CF_FS.PAGE_FUNCS.FieldFormula Name:Edit_CF_Grid PCPC:15235 Statement:241

      Called from:ADD_WRK1.CHARTFIELDS_PB.FieldChange Statement:40


      The built-in function SetCursorPos has specified a page that is not defined in the current component, or that is not permitted to the current operator.


      Review the PeopleCode and correct.)


      Here the problem is that in peoplebooks it is not mentioned that setcursor has limitation for secondary pages that i am guessing it generally does not work and second problem is I dont want to change the function as it is generic.


      Any experts welcome