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    new user create with password expire - SQL Developer problem


      Hi folks,


      I'm using rdbms 11.2.x on Solaris and Linux and faced with a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.


      Our policy is to create any new account with a temporary password and force them to reset the password at first logon.


      Hence, I use:   "create user <username> identified by <username> password expire........"


      The problem is that many of the users are using Oracle's SQL Developer and do not have access to SQL*Plus.

      When I user logs into the database for the first time in SQL Developer, it just tells them that the account is locked.

      It doesn't say the password is expired, and it doesn't give them a way to change it (that I can find).

      I'm not that familiar with SQL Developer and was hoping someone who has had a similar problem can offer some suggestions.