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    OID Licensing Question (with ODS EE)


      Hello.  I am currently using OID ( for my naming service (instead of tnsnames).  According to Oracle you are granted a restricted-use license for using OID "... if users use the Directory Naming feature to configure Oracle Net Services."  Since this is what I am doing, I I am under the impression that I do not have to license Oracle on the server with OID as long as it is the only thing on that server (which it is).


      My company is looking at purchasing "Employee" Oracle Directory Services Enterprise Edition licenses (environment is all Oracle DB Enterpirse Edition, 10gR2 and 11gR2) so that we can setup chaining between OID and Microsoft AD so that user roles/permissions can be assigned through AD via AD groups.


      My question is: since I will no longer be using OID strictly for connection resolution, and even though we will purchase ODS EE, will I be forced to license my server that is only running OID?  I would think that this wouldn't be the case, but I always prefer to know ahead of time when it comes to Oracle and licensing. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.