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    Difference in AR Reconciliation Report


      My submitted AR Reconciliation Report has a different of $8,000.00 and the amount was found from a unapplied receipt. How could I trace the root cause of this different amount?? Aging 4-Buckets report??


      The amount in bule is the +/- amount from its own column

            Calculated Total for the Period                                             200,008,000.00
            Ending Balance as of xx-SEP-20xx                                     200,000,000.00

            Difference                                                                              ------------------------



      Total Activity in a period is calculated as follows:

      Transaction Register for the Period

      (-)Applied Receipts Register for the Period

      (-)Un-Applied Receipts Register for the Period

      (+)Adjustments Register for the Period

      (-)Invoice Exceptions for the Period

      (+)Rounding Differences for the Period (*)

      (+)Credit Memo gain/loss for the Period(*)

      = 200,008,000.00