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    How to save page state for returning to later


      Database version: 11g XE


      Hi All,


      I have a page (form) on a table to create / edit records with numerous LOVs, text and date type items.


      When a user starts to create a record and completes a number of the fields then finds one of the LOVs does not contain a value they would like to branch away (pop up maybe) to an edit page where they can simply add the value to the source reference table for the LOV then return to the current page and not have to re-enter all of the values again - but have the LOV refresh so that it can now display the new value.


      I have tried some different options for the the LOV Item such as set the "to "Redirect and Set Value" however this seems to clear the values for all other items also...


      Any suggestion as to how I can have users "add values to the LOV on the fly" AND save the current state of the page to return to when this is done?


      Many thanks,