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    Which is efficient?


      Hi all,



      I have a table PAYMENT with column AMOUNT and with around 5M rows. This table is reset to 0 every midnight and get inserts 12 rows per second.

      I want to SUM(AMOUNT)  the table every how and print report, so that I have an hourly AMOUNT TOTAL.

      My problem is I do not have unique sequence numbering of the table, nor timestamp of it. I can not alter this table since it belongs to a 3rd party software app, which may cause issue to the app itself if I alter it.

      My recourse is to create a trigger that inserts to another LOG table a unique sequence_number and AMOUNT for each row, whenever an insert is done to the source table.


      My question is which is the efficient way of creating a LOG table? is it a trigger or using materialized view log?



      Thanks a lot,


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