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    Stop Email Notifications to some users on task assignement

    Keshav Chittipolu

      Hi Team,


      Below is our existing process and requirement.


      Exist BPM Process:

      We have some human tasks in the BPM process, and on the task assignment, we setup to send notifications to assigned users on task assignment. Generally the task will assigned to multiple users.



      Now we want to stop this assigned notifications to some users.


      We tried to setup Notification preferences at user level, to set the "Send No Messages", how ever we are still getting the assigned notifications to the user, can you please help on this to acheive our requirement.


      Thank you,

      Keshav Ch

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          Hope below from the oracle documentation helps. (as Highlighted below ) User can select the 'WORKLIST' as the option as messaging channel preference so that he will not receive any notifications. He has login to to worklist to view the tasks.


          Configuration of the Preferred messaging channel can be done throgh:

          1. BPM WorkList: http://host:port/integration/worklistapp

          2. BPM WorkSpace: http://host:port/bpm/workspace

          3. User Prefs UI: http://host:port/sdpmessaging/userprefs-ui



          32.9.3 Managing Messaging Channels

          In Oracle BPM Worklist, messaging channels represent both physical channels, such as business mobile phones, and also email client applications running on desktops. Specifically, Oracle BPM Worklist supports the following messaging channels:

          • EMAIL
          • IM
          • MOBILE
          • SMS
          • VOICE
          • WORKLIST

          Note the following about message channels:

          • Addresses for messaging channels are fetched from the configured identity store.
          • SMS and MOBILE notifications are sent to the mobile phone number.
          • VOICE notifications are sent to the business phone number.
          • No special notification is sent when the messaging channel preference is WORKLIST. Instead, log in to Oracle BPM Worklist to view tasks.
          • EMAIL is the default messaging channel preference when a preferred channel has not been selected.
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            Keshav Chittipolu

            Worked with Oracle SR, we could able to restrict this type of emails.


            Changes to the Human Task:

            In the Human Task Defination need to difine the Notification attruibutes.


            Preferences Setup:

            For the user preferences we need to setup the filter criteria, based on this notification attributes.


            Thank you,

            Keshav Ch