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    Hot bookmarks

    Mike Kemp

      I, for some reason, always find myself working in SQL Worksheets with thousands of lines.


      When compiling objects, or running super queries, I find myself running, for example, lines 465 - 4763 or lines 5643 - 8934.


      I can use the "Go to line" feature to get to the first line of my code, but how to get to the last while leaving the cursor on the first, so I can then click the end of the last line while holding down the Shift key to execute the subject code?


      Not possible, I don't think and if it is, I have to remember two numbers now, instead of just one.


      It would be nice if you could create a bookmark that represents a Code *Block* with an icon somewhere (like may how you have the ribbon icons in the Procedure Editor that shows you what package/procedure/subprocedure the cursor is currently in - very cool, btw) that you can click to excute, without having to actually select the block of code. A tool tip that gives info to the effect of "Bookmark for lines 346 - 7687", for example would be good. Also, the bookmark would have to "follow" edits to file (added lines, deleted lines).


      Thank you.