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    Logon credentials failed timer code missing


      Apex on Oracle 11.2.x


      Mobile logon page (using a custom region based on Region-With-Title (a few minor rendering mods) does not include the Javascript for the timer countdown when logon auth credentials fails.


      This is what is generated:

      apex.jQuery( 'div[id=P1001]:last' ).on( 'pageinit', function() {


      The entire timer code block

      var lTimeoutField = document.getElementById("apex_login_throttle_sec"),


      ..is missing from that code.


      I do not believe this is the custom region, as reverting back to Region-With-Title has the same behaviour. Have not modded any existing there regions (with the exception of adding a new one). So I'm a bit lost as to where I stuffed up. It seems that the page processing now does not recognise a failure, and despite adding the notification div and timer countdown message, the code to update it and do the countdown is not included.


      Will appreciate pointers in the right direction. Thanks.