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    ODP.Net Managed Only XCopy, Side-By-Side Installation

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      I want to install the latest ODP.Net driver on some new IIS servers we are building using the "OPD.Net Managed Only XCopy" install. I have it installed and working, but want to make sure I am doing it correctly so when a new version comes out we can install it on same machine side-by-side.  I currently have the following directory structure for the 12c OPD.Net managed driver.






                          * This is where our sql.ora and tnsnames.ora file are located and we have the TNS_Admin environmental pointing to this directory.

                v121010 (This was original named ODP.Net in the installation zip file)




                               Ran the configure.bat to setup the managed driver.


                               Not used at this time.


      So everything seems to work correctly  with only the one ODP.Net managed drive installed.  But when the next version comes out and we want to run it on the servers side-by side, will I be able to do the following.


      1) Download the "OPD.Net Managed Only XCopy" install for the new version (ex

      2) Copy the ODP.Net\ODP.Net folder in the installation zip to our server under ODP.Net\v131010

      3) Run the configuration.bat for the new version (without messing up the other managed drivers installation).


      If this is not correct, can someone please tell me how I need to install the 12c Managed Only Drivers on our servers so we can install newer versions side-by-side?  The one thing we like about the latest ODP.Net driver is that it connects directly to the Oracle databases and does not require the Oracle Client to be installed. This is perfect for our IIS servers, so we need to make sure we install this correctly so when we want to install newer versions we can do that and still have our application use the older driver until they are migrated over and tested using the new driver.


      Any help will be appreciated.