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    Unable to acces DB through EM in oracle 11g on WIN xp 32bit


      Hi Friends,


      I have installed Oracle 11g R2 on windows xp sp 3 - 32 bit... I was able to create database ( I am able to connect and access database through SQL Prompt but not through EM ) but at the time of installation...  I got this warning / error.


      Enterprise Manager configuration failed due to the following error- Listener is not up or database service is not registered with it.  Start the Listener and register database service  and run EM configuration assistant again.

      Refer to the log file at d:app......

      you can retry configuring this database with EM later by manually running D:\app.......\emca script.


      ( Note : But my listener was running )

      and when I tried to run DBCA to reconfigure....I got the error

      Enterprise manager configuration succeded with the following warning...

      1) Set the environment variable oracle_unqname to database unique name

      2) D:\app\l.......\emctl start dbconsole





      C:\Documents and Settings\amjadali>set ORACLE_UNQNAME=ABCD


      C:\Documents and Settings\amjadali>EMCTL START DBCONSOLE

      Can't locate object method "new" via package "CompEMDBCONSOLE" (perhaps you forg

      ot to load "CompEMDBCONSOLE"?) at d:\app\amjadali\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\bin/Em

      1. ctlCommon.pm line 599, <FILE> line 6.



      Please I want to use EM to manage my database....


      Do anyone has came across such issue...


      Thanks & Regards