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    Apex Login


      I am just learning about Apex & need basic help to get started with 11g express. The installation is complete & I can access hr using apex. I can create a new workspace & see that workspace using apex_admin. I can even access the newly created workspace with sqlplus. However I cannot login into the new workspace with apex. Keep getting error saying login credentials are incorrect.


      Any help will be much appreciated. TIA  Joe

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          Have you use workspace user to log in? If it is a new workspace, it will be an administrative username you created during workspace creation. If you don't remember, you can try to reset its password from the logon screen.


          Or you can reset the password, by logging on to INTERNAL workspace where you can manage all workspaces there.


          If you don't remember "admin" username to logon to INTERNAL workspace, you can reset it using the apxchpwd.sql script.

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            Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out what to do, but I am not sure I truly understand why. In any case, I am now able to login & use the workspaces I created.

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              Glad to hear that.