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autoinstall always tried to mirror rpool with multipathed lun

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Working on my first autoinstall manifest and I seem to be running into a problem with specifying a non-mirrored rpool. I have a SAN lun, which is already protected against hardware failure so I do not want to mirror the rpool. No matter what I try in the ai manifest, it still tries to build a mirrored rpool.


2013-10-19 22:43:27,062   InstallationLogger CRITICAL   Failed Checkpoints:
2013-10-19 22:43:27,112   InstallationLogger ERROR
2013-10-19 22:43:27,162   InstallationLogger ERROR              target-instantiation
2013-10-19 22:43:27,213   InstallationLogger ERROR
2013-10-19 22:43:27,263   InstallationLogger ERROR      Checkpoint execution error:
2013-10-19 22:43:27,313   InstallationLogger ERROR
2013-10-19 22:43:27,363   InstallationLogger ERROR              Command '['/usr/sbin/zpool', 'create', '-f', '-B', 'rpool', 'mirror', 'c5t500A09838DC056E9d0']' returned unexpected exit status 1



From the manifest I have the following target section

      <disk whole_disk="true" in_zpool="rpool" in_vdev="rpool_vdev">
        <disk_name name="c3t500A09839DC056E9d0" name_type="ctd"/>
      <logical noswap="false" nodump="false">
        <zpool name="rpool" is_root="true" action="create">
          <vdev name="rpool_vdev" redundancy="none"/>
          <filesystem name="export" mountpoint="/export" action="create" in_be="false"/>
          <filesystem name="export/home" action="create" in_be="false"/>
          <be name="solaris"/>


I can notice that AI is selecting a different path to my disk than what I specified in the manifest. No matter which path I specify in the manifest, AI will select the alternate path, and attempt to build a mirror. Anyone have any ideas with AI and multipathed disks?


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