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    Hi, i am new to oracle, SQL DEVELOPER:- ERROR:- ORA-01918



      I am new to oracle, and i have installed Oracle database 12c enterprise edition, and oracle jdeveloper 12c for adf web application development,

      I created a database and a new connection in it using sql developer, however while trying to create new user with the name db1 by right clicking on other users. by following the instructions in oracle documentation site. i get the error that new user db1 doesnt exist, and gives error:- ORA-01981. i even tried by changing the username as i thought may be it doesnt support alphanumeric name, but still i get the same error.

      So please tell me how to create a new user. is there any way to get out of this ora:-01918, as i googled and it says this is a bug.


      My os is win 7 x64(amd processor ).


      Thank you