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    "Masked Text" plugin: how change the mask interactively? (Apex 4.2)



      I use the great "Masked Text" plugin (from the Oracle Application Express Plug-Ins page) to enter formatted text.

      Now i'm trying to set up a means so i can change the format mask interactively but did not succeed so far.

      The plugin has a custom attribute "Inputmask" and i created a page item "P2_INPUTMASK".

      In the page item displayed as "Masked Text" the attribute "Inputmask" is set to &P2_INPUTMASK.

      I set up a dynamic action (with a checkbox item) that can change the value of P2_INPUTMASK and then refresh the

      Maskes Text item, but the text mask never changed.

      Is it possible to change the value of the mask attribute interactively?

      Kind regards