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    How to debug unhandled framework exception?




      For several months now, we migrated from Oracle AS SSO to Oracle Access Manager (OAM) in our development environment.

      Since the upgrade, a "ora-1403: no data found" error occurs sometimes. You've all seen this page before: white page, red cross with text in black and that's about it.


      The error shows up randomly, sometimes once a day, sometimes not for several days and then a few times a day, both in the runtime as in the application builder.

      There are multiple developers using this environment but only one of them is having the error so it's not a general failure of the framework.

      Neither is it a blocking error 'cause you can use the back button and submit again without losing any data or changes.


      Our test - and production environment are still on Oracle AS SSO and we don't get the error there so I guess it's not an APEX related error but I need to be sure on this.


      Our DBA already set-up PL/SQL debugging in Apache but the error doesn't show up here.

      We do see a "ora-6550: wrong number or types of arguments in call to wwv_flow.show" but it's unclear whether both errors are related or not.


      Is anyone having tips, ideas, best practices,... to gather more information about the error?

      Is there some logging table in the APEX database scheme where I can look for error logs? Or a log file somewhere?

      We want to isolate the error and figure out why we are getting this but it's hard without debug information.


      This error is keeping us from moving to OAM in production so it's getting important.

      I hope someone can help us out!


      The release numbers:


      APEX: 4.2.3 but this error already occured in 4.2.1 and 4.2.0

      Oracle Access Manager:


      Kind regards and thanks in advance for any help,


      Bart Peeters

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          can you reproduce that error? Does it always happen at the same page? Is that user somehow different to others (special characters in name)?


          Did you take a look into the APEX Debug Log? Or under Administration -> Monitor Activities -> Application Errors?


          To get more Debug-Output of your APEX Session you can set the Debug-Parameter in the URL to LEVEL9 instead of YES.



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            Thanks Peter for your reply,


            We are unable to reproduce this. It just happens :-)


            It's not page, workspace, application or user related, that's why it doesn't show up in any error log.

            Most of the times, it occurs in the application builder when submitting a page. Can I enable logging here too?


            I'll give the LEVEL9 suggestion a try but it won't help me in the application builder I'm afraid.




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              Anyone else having an idea?

              Someone of the dev team maybe?


              We really need a solution on this to move on!




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                Christian Neumueller-Oracle

                Hi Bart,


                what you are describing could be that WebGate runs into some limit (e.g. OAM session idle timeout). In those cases it intercepts the incoming request and redirects to Access Manager, for some verification. If that succeeds, the control goes back to WebGate with a redirect and it continues with the original request. However, if that original request was a POST (e.g. wwv_flow.accept for a page submit), it performs the request without the POST parameters. The "No Data Found" you see could be that APEX does not even get an application id for the request and gets 1403 when trying to look up application metadata. There are some Access Manager configuration options to prevent these problems. It also significantly helps if OAM is configured such that WebGate only ever protects apex_authentication.callback for APEX requests, no /i/ or other /apex/ requests.


                Your best option is to get in contact with Oracle Support. This issue probably depends on how OAM and WebGate is set up at your site. I found bug 16212631 (it was filed as an APEX bug, but actually was a configuration issue) where I worked with them on improving the OAM integration for a customer. It might help to mention this bug in the SR. Here is an excerpt from my explanation in the bug:


                We define 4 resources:

                1. /apex/apex_authentication.callback: Authn=Protected, Authz=Protected
                2. /.../*: Authn=Public, Authz=Public
                3. /apex/apex_authentication.callback/.../*: Authn=Protected, Authz=Protected
                4. /apex/.../*: Authn=Public, Authz=Protected

                (Authn = Authentication, Authz = Authorization)

                Both under the Authn and Authz Protected Resource Policy, we define 3
                response headers:

                1. HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER_GROUPS: $user.groups
                2. HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER_EMAIL: $user.attr.mail
                3. HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER: $user.userid

                The Protected Authz Policy has Use Implied Constraints checked.




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                  Hi Christian,


                  Thanks for your reply.


                  I talked things over with our DBA team and your explanation got them thinking.

                  The resources and headers you talk about are set-up correct so this could not be the issue but the symptoms are as you state (POST request without parameters).

                  We've gathered some more stats and have prepared a SR.


                  Before we log this, we'll perform the same tests on our acceptance environment which is running on a higher version of OAM.

                  Our development environment is running on release of OAM whereas our acceptance environment is running on Release numbers got mixed up in my initial post.

                  If the problem persists on, we'll log a SR. If it doesn't we'll upgrade our development environment to a higher version.


                  Thanks a lot for your help!