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    EM12C - How to make a metric extension part of a monitoring template

    Daryl E.

      I have created a metric extension  that I would like to include with my (default) database instance monitoring templates.

      I have done this with 10g OEM - but it seems its not available in 12c?


      I go to the monitoring template - click add - select a target that has that metric - go to the metric but it is not a "clickable" entry to add to the template.


      Is there another way to performance this task?


      I see there is this option - going to have to dig thru some docs...

      Copy Metrics


      Select a target, template or metric extension from which additional metrics can be copied into this template.


      Answer: Found it .. the metric has to be in published status, then it will show up in the monitoring template when you select "Add metrics to template" then radio button "metric extension"

      There is a very long document on the process at: