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    Rounding for Percentages


      Please advise someone. I have written the logic to calculate certain components in our application based on percentage. For example we take a percentage of Total Net Earnings. When I hard code the percentage in the logic the formula works to the precise number. So as step 2 i created a stat account where they can input the percentage in a specific account and then the calcualtion would be based of that account since our percentages change every month. When i did this the numbers are are off because the sstem does not see the percentage as the number I am entering but I beleive rounds it. The result is higher then what I want it to be. For example I entered 22.9 for the percentage. In the formula it used the exact amount but when I enter in HFM as a stat account it is not using it the way it is being entered. I assume it is rounding it but I don't want it to.


      Can someone help how to tackle this issue