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    How to get details


      Hi Experts,


      Below are the details the certification I have taken.


      Exam taken in Sep 2008

      Exam name : 1z0-Oracle Database sql expert (9i)


      how can I get my certificate for this?


      Sorry for posting littile information, but this is all I had? Please let me know what all other information is required to get the certificate for which I have taken exam.

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          Matthew Morris

          First -- edit your post and remove the email address.  A moderator will if you do not.


          You are asking for a certificate for an exam you took five years ago, for which you are not even sure of the name or number?  The information you give is mixed.  There is only one SQL Expert exam, but it was not developed during 9i. You can try opening a support ticket, but without more details than you give here and proof that you really passed the exam, it is unlikely that they can do anything.  I'm fairly certain that you won't get a certificate mailed to you at this late date.  If you create a Certview account for the Oracle Candidate ID that this exam was taken under, you might be able to get an e-certificate.  Even for that, you'd certainly have to provide some proof that 'you' are the person who took that exam (whatever it was) and are entitled to it.  The URL for creating a support ticket follows.  Don't forget to remove the email address. If you locate your candidate ID... don't post that here either, but it would be useful in the support ticket.


          Oracle University - Support Form

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            Hi Matthew,


            Thanks for the support form link only.


            FYI, as am not sure which name or number only, I have posted here. Am not working/involved in how many exams are there, All I have provided here is what I could remember. Except the support forum link, I felt that reply was over explained.

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              Matthew Morris

              Except the support forum link, I felt that reply was over explained.


              Noted.  Next time you ask for help, I will try to use fewer words.