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    Can I do a "connect through" connection?


      Hallo, all!


      I'm currently using SqlDeveloper 4.0 EA2,

      I tried to set a connection up to do the equivalent of the SqlPlus Syntax:


           connect MyUser[Scott]/MyPassword@MyDatabase


      I've not found a way to do the same in SqlDeveloper, but of course I might have

      overlooked something.


      Any idea whether this can be done in SqlDeveloper, and how to do it?


      Thanks in advance


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          Gary Graham-Oracle



          Check out this blog by one of the SQL Developer team development managers:

          Barry McGillin: Proxy Connections




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            Hi, Gary!


            Thank you for your answer and the pointer to Bary McGillin's blog.

            Unfortunately, the situation he describes is slightly different from the situation I described.


            From Bary McGillin's blog:


            The proxy privilege is granted using



            alter user target grant connect through proxy;


            Now, there is a slightly different way to grant connect through privileges which does not require the use of a proxy, i.e.


            alter user target grant connect through my_personal_user;


            The main difference as far as I'm concerned is that this allows me to "become" user target without knowing (or caring about) their passwords.

            This is quite convenient in a situation where I have to do thing on behalf of half a billion users.


            So, I'm looking for a way to set up a connection which allows my personal user to connect as target with only my personal user's password having

            to be specified in the connection properties.


            Sorry for not having been specific enough in my first post. Hope this is describing it clearer.


            All the best


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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              Hi Michael,


              Actually both variations are documented in our product help:

              Help > Table of Contents > SQL Developer Concepts and Usage > Database Connections > Connections with Proxy Authentication

              To summarize my test of the variation you want, here is what I did in the worksheet on my SYS as SYSDBA connection:

              CREATE USER gary IDENTIFIED BY gary;

              GRANT create session TO gary;

              GRANT DBA TO gary;  //Grant whatever privileges your user requires here, not necessarily DBA


              Then, following instructions in the help, create a connection definition with user name = gary[scott], password = gary, connection type = TNS of the Network Alias variety, and (important!) do not check off the Proxy Connection box.  This works fine for me.  After connecting as gary, I do a show user in the worksheet and it displays that I am scott.


              You can see all your proxies in this view:

              SELECT * FROM PROXY_USERS;


              Hope this answers all of your questions,


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                Hi, Gary!


                Thank you fpr your effort. This solved my question!


                All the best