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    Unable to configure ODBC data source through odi

    Rajesh Hiriyanna



      Let me explain the architecture first.

      We have three machines

      1. OpenVMS machine on which connx server is running for RMS files, say SRC

      2. Windows machine on which ODI Data Studio 11.1.1, Say WRKSTN, This has connx client installed

      3. Target is HP-UX on which SYBASE is running, say TRGT. On target we have installed connx client and ODI Stand alone agent and agnt01 is the name of the agent that is running


      My Requirement is,

      I need to pull the data from SRC and load it into TRGT using the ODI  agent agnt01, through ODBC data connectivity.


      If i configure DSN on my WRKSTN they the agnt01 is unable to identify. If i configure a DSN on HP-UX machine then i am not able to specify that in ODI Sun odbc: Jdbc bridge driver.


      Kindly help me as to how i can resolve this



      Rajesh H