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    Why is my username so cryptic




      i changed my email-adress and after that my username changed from "Raffaello" to "52d6878e-bac2-4031-9c0c-a8ea6ca08064".

      I'm not able to change it.

      All my posts/discussions are saved for the user Raffaello.


      What can i do?


      Best regards,

      52d6878e-bac2-4031-9c0c-a8ea6ca08064 aka Raffaello

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          You should be able to go to the Edit Profile on the drop-down menu next to your Welcome <your name> on the upper right of the screen.  When there you should be able to click on Edit and another window will open to allow your modification.


          It is possible you might have to wait a few hours for everything to propagate around the world, and it is possible that the above may still not work for you.  If the latter happens, you will have to email the admins.

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            i did it a week ago, so i have to email the admin.