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    jQuery Menu Plugin


      Installed and applied the jQuery menu plugin on apex.oracle.com. which can be seen here:



      The menu is based on a list where Home refers to page 1, is at Level 1 with no child list entries.  When you click on Home, the menu does not take you to Page 1.


      Here is the query on the list that drives the menu:

      SELECT list_entry_id id,
       list_entry_parent_id pid,
       entry_text text,
       entry_target url,
       display_sequence display_seq
       FROM apex_application_list_entries
       WHERE application_id = :app_id AND list_name IN ('Menu')


      Theme is Cloudy #24.  Have tried other themes but does not seem to make a difference.



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          Jeff E

          The APEX Plugin wasn't created with an option to have only a top level button and no children, it assumes all top level buttons will have children.

          You could edit the plugin and modify the code to add the url to the top level buttons.

          Or you could try the Enkitec Navbar plugin which might give you what you want and allows top-level links.

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            Thanks, I will attempt to modify plugin code.  Have created demo applications using Enkitec Navbar plugin along with Steve Wesley's solution and am trying to determine which solution to go with.


            I like the Enkitec solution but not the flickering of the list entries prior to the rendering of the menu but have yet to see that solution with the CSS stored on the server versus embedded within the application.