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    count the all null values in the given table


      Suppose a table has n number of rows and columns .


      can any one tell the query to count the number of null values present in the table.

      For example :

      select * from tname:


      A      B

      cc    jhghf

      hff      -

      -       kjh

      -        -

      tys     -

      -        gyrfg

      jjgg      -

      jfgh      -

      -          -

      -        uytg

      10 rows selected..

      now to count the null vales in the table we can use --->   select count(1)-count(a)+count(2)-count(b) as ncount  from tname;





      now my questions is we have n number of columns now pls tel tell me how to count the nulls present in table..?



      Thanks in Advance.