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    OBIEE 11G - Campaign Load Failure


      Has anyone been able to successfully integrate OBIEE with Siebel Marketing? (version  We made no changes to Siebel.  We've only upgraded OBIEE from 10g to 11g.


      We've made all the configurations changes on the Siebel side correctly according to the documentation.  We're able to validate this because we can access OBIEE from the Marketing Server Admin screen.


      We're unable to load campaigns.  When we attempt to do so, we get the below:


      Error/Warning : Error invoking service 'Mktg Data Load Service', method 'CampaignLoad' at step 'Load Segment Tree Cells/Segments'.(SBL-BPR-00162) -- Required out argument 'JobState' not supplied for 'WriteListFiles' method in Business Service 'Mktg Saw Service'(SBL-DAT-00127)

      Has anyone been able to successfully implement this integration?